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More than just a carrier, we are a logistics partner for shipments and are prepared to handle demanding businesses.

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Accurate transportation costs, proper shipment handling, storage and distribution with complete security coverage.

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Distribution and Warehousing licensed by ANVISA

Selo ANVISA - Armazenagem e distribuição com licença da Agência Nacional de Vigilância SanitáriaRN Logística is licensed to operate in the storage and transportation of medical products, cosmetics (including personal hygiene and perfumes) and sanitizing products (products that facilitate the cleaning and conservation of ambients.)

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Rio de Janeiro
Rod. Presidente Dutra, 2250 BL 1 Armazém 6
Bairro Pavuna - CEP 21535-502 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
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São Paulo
Street: Roberto Venturole, 525
Cidade Aracilia - CEP 07250-015 - Guarulhos - SP
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